Top Drives Porsche Update

Hi all, Top Drives seems to be working out pretty well for us so far.  A bit different from our other games, it requires a lot more creative live ops and a constant drip feed of extra content.  Latest chunk of content is a big one, 80 Porsches. This is a good update and worth a decent marketing push.  Evo set up a photoshoot for us at the Porsche experience, Silverstone.  Worked out as a bit of a favour forRead more

Lighting with adjustment layers

Hello all, I know I said my next post would be about our new game Top Drives but I still haven’t managed to pull together the necessary images I need and every time I try it feels a little too much like work, so instead I’m doing another post on some pure painting studies I have done. Well not exactly pure painting. I have been expanding on the adjustment layers technique I mentioned before.  Taking an image painted in diffuseRead more

Holiday Studies

We have another game about to be released, been delayed for a week for various reasons but the big day is imminent!  I’ll post about that shortly, but in the mean time here are a few paintings from a holiday in the Cotswolds. Done on iPad Pro with Procreate.  Starting to get the hang of masking and painting in Procreate but still finding it hard to get a decent finish. Plein air painting is difficult on the iPad because ofRead more

RaceKings season 2

Season 2 is underway in RaceKings and a couple of Mclaren’s have joined the game! Car modelled by the awesome Ross Mansfield. Pretty much any decent image i’ve done features a vehicle modelled by him 🙂 Pleased with this, came out well. Obviously it’s a super sexy car so easy to find a good angle but kept the materials subtle and the colour pallet minimal for full effect! Really need to get some more art atudies done but currently beingRead more

Hot Wheels Race Off Update

Hi all, New update to Hot Wheel Race Off out. New set of ‘fast’ racing cars make up the bulk of the update. Although not my best image, I am satisfied that I took a slightly more professional approch to creating this one. Normally my priority is an awesome composition, cool colour pallet etc, but I always run into problems further down the line, usually to do with the different crops required. We are always adding to our social mediaRead more

Racekings has launched

We have a new game out.  Racekings, find it on the Google play and Apple App store.  A high end Mobile game featuring real car brands and lots of drifting action.  The main game centres around syncronus multiplayer and you earn in game currency by betting on the outcome before each race. Apple are giving it a lot of support this week with some pretty top level featuring on the App Store, including a banner on the front page ofRead more