World building in Roma

I Recently spent a weekend in Rome at the IDEA Academy doing a workshop on ‘world building on your doorstep’ with Ian Mcque. It was a bit of a whirlwind three days with a lot to take in but I enjoyed it immensely.  I am a huge fan of Ian’s work and was really excited to get a place on the course.  Getting to go visit Rome at the same time was an obvious added benefit.  Ian was as calm,Read more

Castles in Shropshire

Just back from family holiday in Shropshire. Staying just outside Craven Arms we had a huge house in a rural setting with loads to see and do close by. Got out for a run most days and managed to get a few sketches done in between child care. Used a biro for most part then laid down some quick tone at the end with a Copic C2 marker. Marker didn’t mix great with biro so maybe need to find aRead more

Plein Air painting in California

Been meaning to write this post for a while, but because i’ve been away there has been so much to catch up on at work. Recently I went over to Santa Monica to do a digital plein air course run by Shaddy Safadi and Eytan Zana and it was bloody, ruddy brilliant! Five days. First one in the classroom talking through the current state of concept art, games and films and a whole load of tips tricks and methodologies fromRead more

Lighting with adjustment layers

Hello all, I know I said my next post would be about our new game Top Drives but I still haven’t managed to pull together the necessary images I need and every time I try it feels a little too much like work, so instead I’m doing another post on some pure painting studies I have done. Well not exactly pure painting. I have been expanding on the adjustment layers technique I mentioned before.  Taking an image painted in diffuseRead more

Holiday Studies

We have another game about to be released, been delayed for a week for various reasons but the big day is imminent!  I’ll post about that shortly, but in the mean time here are a few paintings from a holiday in the Cotswolds. Done on iPad Pro with Procreate.  Starting to get the hang of masking and painting in Procreate but still finding it hard to get a decent finish. Plein air painting is difficult on the iPad because ofRead more

More Still Life studies

We are just a bout to release a new new game at work and it’s a biggie!  2 years of development and very much a AAA experience on mobile.  Everything is submitted and ready to go live tomorrow, after which I will post some images and maybe even add a new project to the portfolio page. In the mean time here are a few more boring still life studies.  I say boring, I actually love doing these.  Once the daughterRead more