Plein Air painting in California

Been meaning to write this post for a while, but because i’ve been away there has been so much to catch up on at work.

Recently I went over to Santa Monica to do a digital plein air course run by Shaddy Safadi and Eytan Zana and it was bloody, ruddy brilliant!

Five days. First one in the classroom talking through the current state of concept art, games and films and a whole load of tips tricks and methodologies from Shady and Eytan. A few of the One Pixel guys presented also, awesome stuff.

Next four days were spent in and around LA plein air painting on our laptops. Was such an incredible experience, I was the oldest and worse of the lot but learnt and progressed so much. Feels like one of those pivitol moments in my life. Everyone coming together over a shared interest, getting excited and helping each other out. So useful seeing how the person next to you is tackling the same problem you are faced with. Also ace hanging out with some of my true art heros!

Here is some of the pics i did.