Randalls Department Store Uxbridge


There is a very cool, Art Deco department store in Uxbridge called Randalls.  I walk past it each time I head into town and it’s a great looking building.  Unfortunately it’s currently lying abandoned but I think there are plans afoot locally to revamp it.

I did a quick study of it on the way home one day on my IPad.  It was a pretty overcast day so actually quite good for getting down the forms and local colours.  I then neatened up the study back at home and made three further variants simulating different times of day.  I collected a lot of reference then used the adjustment layers technique again to get a first pass at each new lighting scenario.  Then just painted over the top till I was happy with each one.  The sunny one was actually the hardest to get right.

Might have a go at a Last of Us derelict version at some point.