Racekings has launched

We have a new game out.  Racekings, find it on the Google play and Apple App store.  A high end Mobile game featuring real car brands and lots of drifting action.  The main game centres around syncronus multiplayer and you earn in game currency by betting on the outcome before each race. Apple are giving it a lot of support this week with some pretty top level featuring on the App Store, including a banner on the front page ofRead more

Vray – Bandit Chips

So I’ve been using Vray for bits and pieces for a while now but I have never really delved too deep into the material set up. I did some work recently on updating the images for our in game store and used this as an opportunity to get a little more familiar with some of the Vray materials. We wanted to make the Bandit chip images look really juicy and appealing. I used a combination of Vray basic, Vray SubsurfaceRead more

Smash Bandits Sunset Banner

Hello, I created a few Banners to go with our game. These were for use on our website and Facebook pages and made through the same process I used for the power up promo pictures. I’ve made quite a few but this is one that hasn’t been used yet and in fact, may never be. Not because it’s especially naff, more because it’s a ‘sipping red wine on the balcony enjoying the view moment’, as Will put it, and notRead more

Pottermore in Playstation Home

Nice to do an update that’s actually to do with professional work and not just life drawing…. Pottermore in Playstation Home is the last thing I worked on before leaving Sony. I was worried for a time it wouldn’t be released but a few days ago the first set of spaced was rolled out – Hurray! There are future releases planned so some of the other spaces I created should be out soon.  For now here is Diagon Alley. ThereRead more

ZBrush and VRay Knarly Tree

This is a Vray render of an in game asset. Rough base mesh built in Maya then sculpted and painted in ZBrush. Final texture compiled and finished in Photoshop. I’ve heard talk of VRay for a while now but only recently began playing with it. This is my first render and so far I have found it brilliant. Really easy to get up and running with, fast render times considering the complexity of the lighting model and very nice resultsRead more

ZBrush Brick and Stone Wall Sculpts

Hi everybody. Though I’d post a few of the tiling wall materials I have created recently. These are all sculpted and made tilable in Zbrush, maps baked out in XNormal and colour map put together in Photoshop. The Brick wall and the Irregular stone wall were created with the hight blend shader we use at work in mind, so both have big variation in the depth of the motor and stones so that they blend well with a flatter surfacedRead more