Pottermore in Playstation Home

Nice to do an update that’s actually to do with professional work and not just life drawing…. Pottermore in Playstation Home is the last thing I worked on before leaving Sony. I was worried for a time it wouldn’t be released but a few days ago the first set of spaced was rolled out – Hurray! There are future releases planned so some of the other spaces I created should be out soon.  For now here is Diagon Alley. ThereRead more

Foundation and Final Grey Boxing

Grey boxing is a technique used in the games industry, by either a designer or artist, where the flow of a level is blocked out in it’s simplest form. This usually happens after a paper design phase and is primarily used to test how well a 2d design will translate to 3d in the game engine. Grey textures and simple boxy forms are used to get a quick representation of an idea, hence the name ‘Gey Boxing’. A designer willRead more