Trip to London Zoo

Some sketches from our family trip to London Zoo last weekend.  Beautiful day, everyone had a great time and the whole thing was very educational.  Highlight was of course the penguins. They have the largest colony in all of London would you believe!  Read more

Bones of the Upper and Lower Limbs

My wife is currently teaching anatomy to her first year students. She has been testing out her lectures on me and I have found them really interesting. As an artist I have looked at the superficial anatomy of the body but her lectures include the deeper structures with a heavy emphasis on the functional movements of each join. I’ve even picked up a bit of the medical terminology which makes me sound a lot more knowledgeable than I actually am.Read more

Even More Life Drawing

I’ve found a class on a saturday morning very near where I live. It’s all very relaxed, the class lasts for three hours and after a few quick warm up poses tends to be one long pose. here is last two weeks work.Read more

Life Drawing Weekend

I recently went on a Life Drawing weekend course. It was 10 to 5 Saturday and Sunday and I enjoyed it immensely. We had a whole studio for about 6 of us and full sized easels so we could stand up and draw. I didn’t realise how important this is till now, it means you can use your shoulder a lot more and get involved with big sweeping movements. We also had a very good tutor and were encouraged toRead more

Sketches of Tufts Uni campus

Just got back from visiting the wife. She is studying a Masters over in the States at Tufts University, Boston and I’ve just been over there to remind her what i look like. Unfortunately I didn’t pick the best week as it was her mid-terms. So while she toiled away in front of the computer I wandered round some of the universities Boston has to offer and occasionally sat and drew something.Read more

Waagh The Orks!

I know I’m supposed to be a 3D digital artist but I do still enjoy a bit of scratchy pencil and paper time. It’s a bit of a cliche but this is how I started, dooding on table tops and in the back of school work books. I haven’t done much drawing recently so in am attempt to get back into it I’ve copied some of Paul Bonner’s wonderful Oark drawings. I have real fond memories looking through the pagesRead more