World building in Roma

I Recently spent a weekend in Rome at the IDEA Academy doing a workshop on ‘world building on your doorstep’ with Ian Mcque. It was a bit of a whirlwind three days with a lot to take in but I enjoyed it immensely.  I am a huge fan of Ian’s work and was really excited to get a place on the course.  Getting to go visit Rome at the same time was an obvious added benefit.  Ian was as calm,Read more

Castles in Shropshire

Just back from family holiday in Shropshire. Staying just outside Craven Arms we had a huge house in a rural setting with loads to see and do close by. Got out for a run most days and managed to get a few sketches done in between child care. Used a biro for most part then laid down some quick tone at the end with a Copic C2 marker. Marker didn’t mix great with biro so maybe need to find aRead more

More Still Life studies

We are just a bout to release a new new game at work and it’s a biggie!  2 years of development and very much a AAA experience on mobile.  Everything is submitted and ready to go live tomorrow, after which I will post some images and maybe even add a new project to the portfolio page. In the mean time here are a few more boring still life studies.  I say boring, I actually love doing these.  Once the daughterRead more

Trip to London Zoo

Some sketches from our family trip to London Zoo last weekend.  Beautiful day, everyone had a great time and the whole thing was very educational.  Highlight was of course the penguins. They have the largest colony in all of London would you believe!  Read more

Bones of the Upper and Lower Limbs

My wife is currently teaching anatomy to her first year students. She has been testing out her lectures on me and I have found them really interesting. As an artist I have looked at the superficial anatomy of the body but her lectures include the deeper structures with a heavy emphasis on the functional movements of each join. I’ve even picked up a bit of the medical terminology which makes me sound a lot more knowledgeable than I actually am.Read more

ZBrush and VRay Knarly Tree

This is a Vray render of an in game asset. Rough base mesh built in Maya then sculpted and painted in ZBrush. Final texture compiled and finished in Photoshop. I’ve heard talk of VRay for a while now but only recently began playing with it. This is my first render and so far I have found it brilliant. Really easy to get up and running with, fast render times considering the complexity of the lighting model and very nice resultsRead more