Next update on the mobile game a friend and I have been working on: This is the Dropship the main character flies in on to begin some of the missions. I found this quite tricky to get right just hand painting so I built a rough model in 3D, took a screen shot and then did a paint over. Looks alright at this size but the final version will probably be a 128 by 64 texture. I’m shooting my selfRead more

2D Pixel Art

Recently I’ve been working with a friend of mine on a simple mobile phone game. We have been making good progress and it’s all been quite exciting so far. A lot of the basic game mechanics are in and it’s running well on my Wildfire, which we are using as the lowest spec test device. There is still loads to do and I haven’t even started on any of the character animations yet but having loads of fun drawing scrappyRead more

Tai Chi Robot

A good friend of mine writes a Tai Chi blog, SpiralWise with a particular focus of looking into the science behind the art. It’s a great read, especially if you are a Tai Chi practitioner, and to reflect the organic/synthetic approach of his blog he asked me to illustrate a Tai Chi robot to sit in the header of his site. So I did. (see below) Then I did a colour version.Read more