ZBrush and VRay Knarly Tree

This is a Vray render of an in game asset. Rough base mesh built in Maya then sculpted and painted in ZBrush. Final texture compiled and finished in Photoshop. I’ve heard talk of VRay for a while now but only recently began playing with it. This is my first render and so far I have found it brilliant. Really easy to get up and running with, fast render times considering the complexity of the lighting model and very nice resultsRead more

ZBrush Brick and Stone Wall Sculpts

Hi everybody. Though I’d post a few of the tiling wall materials I have created recently. These are all sculpted and made tilable in Zbrush, maps baked out in XNormal and colour map put together in Photoshop. The Brick wall and the Irregular stone wall were created with the hight blend shader we use at work in mind, so both have big variation in the depth of the motor and stones so that they blend well with a flatter surfacedRead more

ZBrush Tiling Texture Tutorial

Right so I’ve finally finished the tiling texture tutorial. I compiled most of it ages ago it has just taken me till now to put the finishing touches to it. I am eventually intending to write a selection of guides to the whole Maya, ZBrush, XNormal pipeline I am using at the moment, but going on my current work rate the realisation of this dream should coincide with the creation of the first lunar settlement. So here some back ground.Read more

Environment Texturing in ZBrush

I do not Polypaint my whole texture in ZBrush, I’m far to attached to the endless tweaking possibilities offered by Photoshop layers, but after finishing my sculpt I do a quick paint over while masking by cavity to act as an overlay when creating the texture later. I’ve detailed my process at the page Create a quick Photoshop overlay layer using ZBrush polypaintRead more

ZBrush Stone Arch

In my last post I talked about the grey boxing pipeline, and showed some screen shots of a basement scene built to the sort of fidelity you would expect at final grey box. This basement scene is the start of my new personal project. I’m going to finish off the basement corridor and the two small rooms attached using ZBrush as much as possible. I will always try to be efficient with my time and only use high poly techniquesRead more

ZBrush Tiling Rock Sculpt

High poly sculpting leads to the generation of physically correct normals, displacement and occlusion, and with the use of height map blending shaders becoming a must for AAA titles these days ZBrush or Mudbox are fast becoming a staple tool for the environment artist. I’ve used ZBrush before to add detail to props or unique elements in an environment, but this is my first experiment with making a tileable ZBrush sculpt. It’s not the best looking rock but I wasRead more