Vray – Bandit Chips

So I’ve been using Vray for bits and pieces for a while now but I have never really delved too deep into the material set up. I did some work recently on updating the images for our in game store and used this as an opportunity to get a little more familiar with some of the Vray materials.

We wanted to make the Bandit chip images look really juicy and appealing. I used a combination of Vray basic, Vray Subsurface scattering and Vray blend materials and although not quite the ‘boiled sweet’ look I was hoping for definitely improved on what we had before. I additively blended the SSS with a basic material with a high glossy reflection. I then additively blended the result with another Basic material but this time with a softer diffuse reflection with a bit more colour to it. This is a bit like what you would do with a car paint material (although without the SSS).